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Professional Window Cleaning

At Firehouse Tint and Clean of Leawood, Kansas, we understand how important it is to keep your windows clean and sparkling. Because of this, we are dedicated to providing the best window washing services available in the area. Want to know what makes our window washing services right for you? Let’s become better acquainted.

What Makes Our Window Washing Services Special

We take pride in a task that may be monotonous for many homeowners. Why? We know it is the little things that make your house feel like your home. Sometimes life gets in the way of tending to things like window washing. Not to worry, though. The window washing professionals at Firehouse Tint and Clean are here to help.

Spotless. Shiny. Sparking. This is our professional window washing code. Windows act as the eyes of your home, so allow us to ensure that they leave a lasting impression on you and your house guests.

Learn More About Our Window Washing Services Today

If you need help keeping your Leawood, Kansas home in tip-top condition, contact us and inquire about our indoor and outdoor window washing services.

For details about our window washing services, call (913) 349-6108.

Proudly providing Leawood, Kansas and the Kansas City metro area with quality window washing services.

Firehouse Tint and Clean has been serving the greater Kansas City area for nearly 20 years. For your window cleaning needs, our Window Cleaning Division offers window cleaning, gutter cleaning, power washing, and more, as follows:

Window cleaning is a chore most of us would rather not do. But the passionate professionals of Firehouse Tint and Clean love window cleaning! We know the importance of great window cleaning — plain and simple. From the inside, well-cleaned windows can help set the mood, creating a clean and polished environment, while — from the outside — clean windows can make your home shine with a picture-perfect twinkle. That said, we understand that proper window cleaning is one of the quickest and most affordable ways to make your home even more beautiful and comfortable than it was before one of our thorough treatments. Think of it this way: When you partner with us, it is like treating your home to a day at the spa. We provide the works, skimping on nothing. After just one window cleaning treatment you will see the signature sparkle unique to Firehouse Tint and Clean.

For window cleaning that spotlights your Kansas City, Leawood, or Overland Park, KS, home, call (913) 349-6108 today!

Gutter Cleaning 

You already know that clogged gutters can cause problems, but do you know to what extent? Most people do not realize the importance of outdoor cleaning jobs involving the gutters. Debris-free guttering is vital for your home, because clogged guttering can cost you in roof and siding or wall damage. In short, when water has no place else to go (like a downspout) it will simply overflow. This can result in anything from water spilling out of the gutter onto a porch or deck in buckets instead of drops, or infiltrating the soil that protects your home’s foundation. Of course clogged gutters can also do more immediate structural damage by allowing rainwater to enter your home through open or water damaged areas of the roof and eaves.

When you partner with us, our job is to never let it get that far. Our gutter and window cleaning services keep your gutters and windows performing at their absolute best. The result? Your home in kept in its best condition. Don’t let clogged gutters cost you thousands of dollars when we can keep them debris-free for a fraction of the cost.

Light Fixtures and Chandeliers Cleaning

Along with gutter and window cleaning, our seasoned crews are great at keeping your light fixtures and chandeliers sparkling, whether they’re inside or outside!

Fan Cleaning

Can your ladder reach your fan? Ours can! While we’re performing gutter and window cleaning jobs, allow us to perform fan cleaning for you. Regular fan cleaning can prevent dust from blowing onto your furnishings and carpet.

Mirror Cleaning

Cleaning mirrors can be a challenge. Smears? Not when Firehouse Tint and Clean of Overland Park cleans your mirrors for you!

Power Washing and Mildew Removal | Window Cleaning 

There is an art and a science to power washing and window cleaning, and we have mastered both! With window cleaning jobs like power washing, it’s not as easy as simply buying a power washing unit, connecting a hose and “spraying real hard.” Proper power washing and window cleaning takes time and experience to learn. There are certain times and instances when lower pressure washing is actually more beneficial than high-pressure washing and available flow can make all the difference, so understanding the right settings and conditions is extremely important when it comes to this window washing art.

We see it all the time: well-meaning, but inexperienced people destroying half the siding on a house before they realize what they have done. Or what about blasting the expensive finish right off a concrete floor or driveway? This happens all too often! Our power washing equipment is industrial-grade and adjustable for all types of cleaning jobs. This, in combination with our experienced technicians, can help remove unsightly dirt and mildew in a flash on:

Houses – Driveways – Sidewalks