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Mirror Cleaning | Shower Door Cleaning

Mirror Cleaning

Mirrors! We love them, yet hate to clean them. Firehouse Tint & Clean specializes in cleaning mirrors of all shapes, sizes and locations in the Kansas City Metro area.

The key to effective mirror cleaning is the use of proper equipment, products and techniques. All Firehouse Tint and Clean crew members are thoroughly trained to clean your mirrors without leaving any streaks or lint… all the better to reflect your image!

If you have impossible-to-reach mirrors or just any mirror that you want to have sparkling clean, Firehouse Tint & Clean can do the job for you.

Mirror cleaning services start at $85 per trip. Combine services!*

Kansas City Shower Door Cleaning

Shower Door Cleaning

Shower doors do get dirty! Hard water stains and soap scum build up and look unsightly, especially if you have clear glass shower doors.

To keep the scum at bay, call Firehouse Tint & Clean professionals! Firehouse will quickly get your shower doors sparkling clean. Firehouse Tint & Clean uses the best cleaning techniques, uses only eco-friendly products and have the know-how to tackle shower door cleaning jobs.

Shower door cleaning services start at $85 per trip. Combine services!*