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Solyx® Decorative Film Installation

image03Decorative window film installation is an exciting yet cost-effective way to add beauty and privacy to the glass in your home or office. Our films are applied on-site, directly to your existing glass. Any of our decorative films will add interest to plain glass. We offer a full range of patterns and textures. The frosted or solid opaque films, along with 3M™ Fasara™ and 3M Scotchcal™ Films, offer endless possibilities as architectural graphics, especially for business applications.

Decorative Films offer you:

Home and Office Privacy

Light is allowed in while still offering privacy. Decorative and privacy window tinting is perfect for bathrooms, sun porches, front doors and sidelights, conference rooms, office partitions, banks, restaurants and health clubs.

Increased Home and Business Safety

Decorative film helps hold glass together if broken. This lessens the likelihood of injury due to flying glass shards. Visibility of sliding glass doors is improved.

Less Window Glare

Residential and commercial window tinting softens harsh sunlight and reduces annoying glare.

Easy Maintenance

Decorative films clean easily with soap and water as well as with common commercial glass cleaners.

Enhanced Window and Glass Design

Decorative window tinting will add to the overall aesthetics of any home or office decor.  

Inspired Patterns

A full palette of patterns is offered to match your preference: floral, geometric, over-all texture, embossed, etched and frosted. There are also many stained glass designs that can be custom-sized for your window.


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