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Is It Too Cold to Clean Windows or Gutters?

Here at Firehouse Tint & Clean, we often receive phone calls during the winter months asking us if we are still cleaning windows and gutters. The answer is: It depends!

Window Cleaning during the Winter

Cleaning windows during the winter months has the added benefit of staying cleaner longer. Snow will not dirty the windows like rain can. And a winter rain is usually not as dirty because the ground is colder and there is no pollen in the air.

Firehouse will clean windows in temperatures above 20 degrees. We use a special anti-freezing window cleaner that is safe for your home. Here in the Kansas City area, our weather affords us many good days to clean your windows. It is now early January 2017 and the forecast the rest of the month has many days in the 40’s and even some in the 50’s!

As for snow, as long as it is neither too deep nor icy, our professional crew can “do your windows.” Some homes, if there is a steep drop off where ladders need to be placed, may have to wait until the snow is gone and the ground is more stable.

Gutter Cleaning

Gutter cleaning in the winter does have more requirements. The contents of gutters can be frozen and therefore impossible to scoop out. Even with warmer days and full sun, if the nighttime temperature is consistently below freezing, gutters may still be hard to clean. The rule of thumb we use here at Firehouse is: two nights in a row above freezing.

Some years, the leaves fall later here in Kansas City. Then it is a race to clean your gutters before the first frost. But, we often get lucky because Kansas City seems to get warm spells sporadically during the winter months. The best thing to do, if you’ve missed scheduling your gutter cleaning, is to call us and be put on our Gutter List. As weather allows, we will come by to clean your gutters. If you are not at home, we will leave a bill in your door.

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Call 913-685-8125 to schedule a window cleaning and/or gutter cleaning appointment. Ashley will be happy to assist you! You may also contact us through our website.

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