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3M™ Window Film Installation

3M Film Installation – Before and After 3M Night Vision 25 Window Film Professional 3M™ Window Film Installation vs. DIY Many videos online show the window film installation process. You may think you are saving money Doing It Yourself, but without the proper technique and tools, your results may not be desirable. Firehouse Tint &
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The Beauty of 3M™ Fasara™ Glass Finishes

If You Desire Privacy … Choose Fasara™ 3M™ Fasara™ Glass Finishes will add a new dimension to your Kansas City area interior space. For your home or office, Fasara Glass Finishes offer just the right amount of coverage required … from full opaque to airy and translucent. These films can also be layered, creating a
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3M™ Impact Protection Attachment Systems

To Keep Danger Out, Bring 3M In You never know where danger and destruction will come from — sometimes nature, other times people. No matter where the threat comes from, 3M Impact Protection Attachment Systems can help you be prepared for the worst. The 3M Impact Attachment System is a combination of 3M Safety &
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3M™ Safety & Security Films

Help Keep Outside Dangers Outside Windows make your home beautiful. But they can also pose a serious danger during severe weather or other violent threats. In the Kansas City area, the possibility of tornados is a fact of life. With 3M Safety & Security Films, you can keep those dangers outside. During a tornado, 3M
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All About 3M™ Night Vision Window Films for Home or Office

Some Window Film History 3M invented window film in 1966. Metals were used to reflect the sun’s heat away from your windows. That is why older films are so reflective. The higher the metal count, the more heat was blocked and the more the film looked like a mirror. These metals also gave the film
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Kansas City Residents: Call Firehouse Now for Spring Window Cleaning!

Spring is in the Air! After the dreary, cold days of our Kansas City winter, we are all ready for the sunny, warmer days of Spring. But, many of us will open our blinds and drapes to let the sun in to see . . . dirty windows! Now is the time to call Firehouse
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All About Fading and How 3M™ Window Films Can Help

The Three Major Causes of Fading The rays of the sun carry heat, light and ultraviolet (UV) rays through your windows into your home or office. During the summer months in Kansas City, this combination is brutal. Heat, light and UV combined cause 90% of fading on furniture, carpets, drapery, photographs, fine art . .
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Thinsulate™ 75 Climate Control Window Film — New from 3M™!

3M continues its technological superiority with the introduction of the new Climate Control Window Film — Thinsulate™ 75. Virtually invisible, the look of your windows barely changes, inside or out. And it still helps protect furniture, floors, upholstery and artwork from UV rays that cause fading. . What is Thinsulate™? Thinsulate™ is a well-known 3M
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New! Prestige 20 Window Film from 3M™

With grateful appreciation to our friend “across the pond” – Abode Window Films, UK A New Addition to the Prestige Series of 3M Window Films With Prestige 20, 3M has added a “dark” shade to the Prestige Series. Here at Firehouse Tint & Clean, the usual request is for a 3M film that will block
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Is It Too Cold to Clean Windows or Gutters?

Here at Firehouse Tint & Clean, we often receive phone calls during the winter months asking us if we are still cleaning windows and gutters. The answer is: It depends! Window Cleaning during the Winter Cleaning windows during the winter months has the added benefit of staying cleaner longer. Snow will not dirty the windows
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