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3M™ Window Film Installation

3M Film Installation - Before and After 3M Night Vision 25 Window Film
3M Film Installation – Before and After 3M Night Vision 25 Window Film

Professional 3M™ Window Film Installation vs. DIY

Many videos online show the window film installation process. You may think you are saving money Doing It Yourself, but without the proper technique and tools, your results may not be desirable. Firehouse Tint & Clean highly recommends professional 3M window film installation. If you are an expert and have the proper tools and know-how, you might have good results.

However, with a DIY installation, you will not have warranty protection against stress fractures and the rare occurrence of film failure. 3M Window Films will only warrant professionally installed window films. When your 3M Window Film is installed by Firehouse Tint & Clean, you are ensured of a quality installation by a Certified 3M Window Film Dealer.

Film Installation Tools

A professional film installer uses specialized tools: film slitters, blades, scrapers, soft squeegees, hard squeegees, five-way tools, hard cards, slip solution, sprayers, proper drop cloths, and lint-free towels. You can buy some of these tools, but you will not have the extensive expertise of a professional installer. Professionals ensure quality installation.

3M Window Film Installation: Inside or Outside?

Installation of most window films are to the interior of the glass. Storm windows require removal of the storms for tinting and carefully re-installed after tinting. Sometimes, an interior installation is quite difficult or even impossible. In that case, 3M manufactures several exterior films for this type of application.

3M Window Film Installation: Step-by-Step

  • Firehouse cleans your windows to remove all dirt and debris
  • Debris under the window molding gets special attention
  • Removal of paint or putty on the glass
  • Protective tarps and towels to protect your furnishings
  • Carefully remove the film  liner, which protects the adhesive
  • Lightly spray the adhesive with a special slip solution (no harsh chemicals)
  • After spraying the window, place the film against the glass
  • Initial squeegee and trim
  • Second squeegee to remove as much water as possible
  • Special “bump” squeegee around the edges
  • Final wipe and clean of the window

There will be a small 1/16 to 1/8” clear border around the frame.  This clear or “daylight” border is necessary for the proper installation of all window films. This border is imperceptible.

The following pictures show a typical residential film installation:.

Liner removed from adhesive side of 3M window film

Liner removed from adhesive side of 3M window film

Adhesive side of 3M window film sprayed with slip solution

Adhesive side of 3M window film sprayed with slip solution

3M window film applied to the glass

3M window film applied to the glass

The 3M Window Film is then squeegeed and trimmed

The finished 3M window film installation!

Attention to Detail is Important!

Professional window film installers pride themselves on their craft. Good window film installation is an art! For residential installations, there can be difficult situations that only a professional can handle. High windows and working around immovable objects are no problem. Proper care of expensive furnishings is also standard operating procedure. For commercial applications, the biggest problem is working in a busy office with office equipment and desks. The professional will know how to work around these obstacles with the least amount of disruption to an office environment.

Your Peace of Mind

With a professional 3M Window Film installation, you will have peace of mind knowing you are buying the best film in the business. Firehouse Tint & Clean will carefully work around your furnishings. And, 3M’s warranty is the best in the business. You can view the various 3M Warranties here.

Call Firehouse Tint & Clean for Professional 3M Window Film Installation

Firehouse Tint & Clean is your Kansas City Area 3M Certified Window Film Dealer. Firehouse is also part of the 3M Prestige Dealer Network. Call us if you need information about any 3M Window Film. You can also schedule a complimentary consultation with Randy Womack, a Firehouse 3M Specialist. Just call 913-685-8125. You can also contact Firehouse via their website Contact Page.