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3M™ Safety & Security Films

Help Keep Outside Dangers Outside

Windows make your home beautiful. But they can also pose a serious danger during severe weather or other violent threats. In the Kansas City area, the possibility of tornados is a fact of life. With 3M Safety & Security Films, you can keep those dangers outside.

During a tornado, 3M Safety & Security Films can help hold the glass together to maintain the integrity of your home. This film will also help keep flying glass shards from harming you and your loved ones. In many instances, it can keep out wind and rain.

3M Safety & Security Films also help deter crime.  Because these films improve the integrity of your windows, the criminal is slowed down. They may choose to move on to an easier target.

Firehouse Tint & Clean is a Certified 3M Window Film Dealer and part of the Prestige Dealer Network. Firehouse can help you choose the right film for the job.


  • Mitigates hazards from shattered glass due to natural and human causes
  • Increases security and provides added protection against smash and grab burglaries
  • Provides protection to people and property from flying glass in wind storms and seismic activity
  • Increases Anti-spall protection for laminated glass
  • Helps extend the life of furnishings by significantly reducing harmful UV rays, the largest cause of fading
  • Can be combined with 3M Impact Protection Attachment Systems for additional safety and security

The 3M Safety & Security Series

The following Safety & Security Films are all clear and offer 99% UV protection:

  • S40 — 4 mil thick, single ply
  • S70 — 7 mil thick, single ply
  • S80 — 8 mil thick, 2-ply
  • S140 — 14 mil thick, 3-ply

The 3M Ultra Series – Thinner Films are Better

It would seem to make sense that a thicker film would be stronger than a thinner film. But that’s not the case with the 3M Safety and Security Ultra Series. 3M’s patented use of layer after layer of micro-thin polyester outperforms all other films of a similar thickness.

This superior performance is due to the remarkable flexibility of 3M Safety & Security Films. While other films tear, 3M’s Safety & Security Films stretch. No film has been tested as much as 3M films. These films have been subjected to windstorms, bomb blasts and all kinds of flying objects. All 3M Films exceed industry standards for impact and tear resistance.

  • Ultra 600 (Clear)
  • Ultra 800 (Clear)

Tinted 3M Ultra Safety & Security Films

In addition to the usual clear Safety & Security Films, 3M also offers tinted Safety & Security Films. While the clear films do offer 99% UV protection, for protection from excess heat and glare, the tinted security films are ideal. The tints available are:

  • Prestige 70
  • Prestige 50
  • Night Vision 25

Call a Certified 3M Window Film Dealer

A Certified 3M Dealer will help you select the best film for your needs. Please note that the tinted 3M Ultra Prestige 70 and 50 are only available from dealers that are part of the Prestige Dealer Network. Outside the Kansas City Area, you may find a dealer on 3M’s Website.

In the Kansas City Metro area, email Firehouse via their website or call: