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All About 3M™ Night Vision Window Films for Home or Office

Some Window Film History

3M invented window film in 1966. Metals were used to reflect the sun’s heat away from your windows. That is why older films are so reflective. The higher the metal count, the more heat was blocked and the more the film looked like a mirror. These metals also gave the film particular colors … copper, bronze, silver and even green or blue!

Eventually, neutral films were introduced that were more attractive to homeowners. They had a more neutral hue of gray or taupe but they were still highly reflective. Outside, they reflected the sun during the day and inside they reflected the light from lamps and other fixtures at night.

3M Develops Night Vision Window Film

3M window film technology advanced to the point where they were able to develop a window film series called Night Vision. 3M was able to maximize sun control capabilities while toning down the interior reflectivity. This allowed clear, unobstructed views at night (see picture at the top of this Blog). The same advanced technology also made the film color-stable — another desirable feature, since older films had a tendency for their color to fade over time.

Night Vision Window Films by 3M offer protection from the sun’s damaging UV rays and control heat and glare, while inviting warm, natural light into the room and increasing your comfort.

Low Reflection = View Perfection

Unlike other sun control films, 3M Night Vision Window Film has a low interior reflectivity that leaves your view clearer, especially at night. Even with your inside lights on at night, you can still see outside.

Night Vision Benefits

  • Enjoy clear views, day and night with low reflectivity
  • Warm tones compliment natural light and defend against solar rays
  • Protect skin and furnishings from damaging UV rays
  • Helps prolong the life and vibrancy of furniture, carpets, wood floors and artwork
  • Great heat rejection for dual pane windows
  • Helps reduce air conditioning costs
  • 3M technology enhances color stability
  • Preserve a room’s warmth and natural beauty
  • Avoid heavy window coverings

The Night Vision Series

Night Vision Window Films come in three shades – NV15, NV25, and NV35 – from darkest to lightest. In the Kansas City area, Night Vision 25 is a popular choice. On double pane windows, NV25 will reduce heat 38%, reduce glare 71%, with a total solar energy rejected at 57%. UV light rejected is 99%, allowing longer life for your furnishings.

As for reflectivity, NV25 has an interior reflectivity (again, on double pane glass) of 13%. To give you a reference so you can appreciate how great that number is, P-18 Silver has an interior reflectivity of 58%!

Having three different levels of protection within the same film family offers homeowners and businesses to tailor a 3M film installation to their needs, depending on the location of the windows. A certified 3M Dealer can help you select the best 3M Night Vision film for your home or office.

A Great Window Film from a Great Company … 3M

You will have peace of mind knowing you are purchasing a film that is backed by the resources of a Fortune 500 company with the reputation for quality products and service.

Adhesives are the most important ingredient in a window film. For decades, 3M has been the world leader in the development and innovative adhesives.

3M is also one of America’s largest manufacturers of polyester window film. Combined with innovative adhesives and 3M’s patented abrasion-resistant coating, you are installing the best window film on the market: optical grade window film that resists peeling, bubbling, scratching and abrasion for lifelong beauty and clarity.

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