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3M™ Impact Protection Attachment Systems

To Keep Danger Out, Bring 3M In

You never know where danger and destruction will come from — sometimes nature, other times people. No matter where the threat comes from, 3M Impact Protection Attachment Systems can help you be prepared for the worst.

The 3M Impact Attachment System is a combination of 3M Safety & Security Film and 3M Impact Protection Adhesive or Profile.

Added Security for 3M Safety & Security films

3M Impact Protection Attachment Systems improve the overall performance of 3M Safety & Security Window Films. These unique window protection systems combine the toughness of 3M’s patented micro-layer safety film with 3M’s world-class expertise in adhesives to help shield against impact energy from severe weather, earthquakes, bomb blasts or forced entry. These 3M Impact Protection Systems also help protect against personal injury from flying glass.

Destructive Testing – Superior Results

The 3M Impact Protection Attachments Systems have been subjected to windstorms, various levels of both GSA and ISO bomb blasts, all kinds of flying objects and a rigorous series of durability tests. 3M has gone to extreme measures to make sure the 3M Impact Protection Systems meet or exceed industry standards.

What 3M Impact Protection Attachment Systems Do:

  • Help hold the filmed glass to the window frame to protect people and property
    • Help hold shattered glass in place
    • Mitigates injuries/death and property damage by reducing flying glass
    • Keeps out wind and rain
    • Deters street crime and slows criminals down from accessing the property
    • If disaster strikes, these systems help the continued operation of your business.

 3M Impact Protection Adhesive

This unique adhesive is applied around the frame of a window and bonds the glass, window film and frame together. This addition to the regular installation of 3M Safety & Security Films significantly improves protection from severe weather damage, bomb blasts, or would-be intruders.  The Impact Protection Adhesive is a part of the comprehensive window protection portfolio that gives homeowners and commercial building owners alike the opportunity to choose their desired level of safety with window treatments. If you need protection, then you should definitely consider 3M Safety and Security Film with the addition of an Impact Protection System.


3M Impact Protection Profile

The 3M Impact Protection Profile is a flexible gasket-style attachment that bonds the filmed window and frame together incorporating 3M VHB tape. This high-performance tape utilizes an incredibly strong pressure-sensitive adhesive. 3M VHB tape has been used for architectural impact at Chicago’s O’Hare International Airport, holding up heavy mirrored ceiling panels. This exact same tape also replaces rivets in panels on trucks. The Impact Protection Profile provides the same benefits as the Impact Protection Adhesive. These window treatments also lend a clean, finished appearance to the window.

Either 3M Impact Protection System will give homeowners and commercial building owners more options when choosing the safety and security solution that best fits their needs. When you combine 3M’s patented Ultra micro-layer safety film technology with one of these two attachment systems, you can significantly improve overall safety and security. These window treatments are great for forced entry access points, which includes glass and patio doors, as well as for any window that poses a potential exposure to severe weather or terrorist activities like bomb blasts.

Seeing is Believing

This amazing U-Tube video shows the strength of 3M Ultra Safety & Security Film with the Impact Protection Profile added:

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