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3M™ Fasara & Scotchcal Films

3M Fasara Interior Design Films

image003M Fasara Interior Design Films from Japan will add a new dimension to your space. These decorative films are applied to the interior of glass, creating a unique appearance without the cost of expensive patterned glass. Sagano and Yamato render a uniform rice paper appearance not typically found in window films. Lausanne and Oslo are lightly textured. Light is dispersed softly, creating a high-class, tranquil atmosphere. These are premium design films that are suited both for glass partitions and to the inside surface of windows, either in the home or office. Developed for the Asian market, 3M Fasara films offer the opportunity to immerse oneself with the aesthetic serenity distinctive to the Japanese culture, while still maintaining the outstanding features of 3M technology.

All 3M Fasara films are wonderful at offering privacy and security. For residential use, bathroom windows are a great place for 3M Fasara. Most decorative films are 36 inches wide. However, 3M Fasara films are 49 inches wide, which makes 3M Fasara perfect for a seam-free application.

The light comes in yet you have complete privacy. No blinds or shutters to open and close! Other areas in the home may include interior glass panel doors, transoms, or anywhere you want privacy or need to hide an undesirable view. Commercially, the tranquil look achieved using Fasara can enhance the look of an office, especially board room and office partition glass. All Fasara films offer UV protection to help reduce fading.

The Essential 3M Fasara Collection

Lausanne and Oslo

Both films are white and lightly textured with an over-all small pebble design. They are 2 mil films, and offer the same properties as San Marino, below.


Sagano is a white rice paper film with a subtle, random cross-hatch design. It is designed with privacy, safety and security film properties. It allows light in yet offers privacy.


Yamato is similar to Sagano, above, but with a random cotton-fiber design. It also has privacy, safety and security film properties.


This film creates a beautiful glass-etched appearance. It is suitable for glass partitions and the inside surface of windows, especially where full privacy is desired.

San Marino

This is a snowy white privacy, safety and security film. It is a 2 mil film combining shatter resistant properties with sun control properties for commercial and residential use. It is used where light transmission is desirable without the ability to see through the window.

The Expanded 3M Fasara Collection

Since the introduction of the essential six Fasara films several years ago, 3M has continuously added new designs. Dots, stripes and various textures truly make Fasara a film collection from which you may select the perfect film to solve your design problem.

To view the many patterns of 3M Fasara, please visit the 3M Fasara Website

3M Scotchcal™

image01 3M Scotchcal ElectroCut Series 7725SE films create graphics that simulate acid etched and sand blasted glass effects when privacy or enhanced image is needed. These films are used to produce elegant graphics and signage that are low-cost alternatives to traditional acid etching or sand blasting. The production process is simpler and faster than traditional sand blasting or acid etching and the films can be applied to thinner glass. Glare is reduced due to the film’s matte finish.

The Scotchcal ElectroCut Series 7725SE features two frosted window tinting options:

Dusted Crystal (7725-314)

This film has a soft frosted window tinting appearance, which simulates the look of acid etching.

Frosted Crystal (7725-324)

This film has an added sparkle to simulate sand blasted glass.

Total Block-Out Window Film Installation

White Gloss (7725-10) and Black Gloss (7725-12)

These glossy cast vinyl films can be cut to any desired design.

White Matte (3635-30B) and Black Matte (3635-22B)

These matte window tinting films offer the same benefits as the glossy films above, only in a matte finish.