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3M™ Decorative Window Film Installation in Kansas City

Kansas City Decorative Window Tinting – Residential & Light Commercial 

Looking for 3M Fasara Window Film or other decorative window film? Firehouse Tint and Clean is a leading installer of decorative window film in the Kansas City area. Decorative window tinting is an exciting and cost-effective way to add stunning beauty and privacy to the glass in your home or office. We apply decorative window film on-site, directly to your existing glass. Any of our decorative window film will add interest to boring plain glass. And Firehouse Tint and Clean offers a full range of patterns and textures so you can find the right fit for your taste and lifestyle. The frosted or solid opaque window film, along with Fasara and Scotchcal Films by 3M™, offer endless possibilities as architectural window graphics, especially for business applications. In addition to window film, we offer window tinting in Kansas City and throughout the nearby area.

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Decorative Window Film Insallation offers you:

Home Privacy

Decorative window film installation lets in light while still offering privacy. Perfect for bathrooms, sun porches, front doors and sidelights, conference rooms, office partitions, banks, restaurants and health clubs.

Increased Home Safety

Your window film will hold glass together if broken to lessen the likelihood of injury due to flying glass shards. Visibility of sliding glass doors is improved when you use decorative window film, leading to fewer accidents.

Window Glare Reduction

Residential or commercial window tinting softens harsh sunlight and reduces annoying glare.

Easy Maintenance

Your window film will be easy to maintain. It can be cleaned with soap and water as well as with common commercial cleaners.

Enhanced Window and Glass Design

Decorative window tinting will add to the overall aesthetics of any home or office decor.

Inspired Patterns

Our residential and commercial decorative window film comes in a range of patterns and styles to match your preference: floral, geometric, over-all texture, embossed, etched, along with solid pearl colors and plain frost.

3M™ Fasara™ Window Film Installation

3M™ Fasara™ Interior Design Window Film from Japan will add a new dimension to your space. 3M™ Fasara™ Decorative Window Film are applied to glass and create a unique appearance without the high cost of etching or sandblasting. As light is dispersed softly by the window film, it creates a sophisticated and tranquil atmosphere. The premium design window film is suited for both glass partitions and the inside surface of exterior windows, either in the home or office. 3M™ Fasara Window tinting, created for the Asian market, offers the opportunity to immerse oneself with the aesthetic serenity distinctive to the Japanese culture. This effect is achieved while still maintaining the outstanding features of 3M™ technology.

Common application areas for Fasara window film include:

  • Conference Rooms
  • Lobbies
  • Exterior and Interior Windows in the Home or Office
  • Glass Partitions
  • Retail Environments
  • Bathroom Windows

3M™ Fasara Films are a wonderful option for offering home and business privacy and security. For home use, our Fasara window film works great in bathrooms to provides an elegant appearance for homeowners and guest while providing privacy from those uninvited. Most decorative window film is 36 inches wide. However, Fasara films are 49 inches wide, which makes Fasara perfect for a seam-free window tinting application.

With 3M™ Fasara Films, the light still comes in yet you have privacy from the outside world. Window tinting eliminates the need for blinds or shutters and also the need to open and close them. Other areas of your home that could use window film may include interior glass panel doors, transoms, or anywhere you want privacy or the need to hide an undesirable view. Commercially, the tranquil appearance achieved using Fasara can enhance the look of an office, especially office partition glass and board rooms. Our window film also offers UV protection to help reduce interior fading.

Caring for your window film is quite simple. All Fasara window films may be cleaned using common, non-abrasive cleaning solutions.

For more information about 3M™ Fasara™ decorative and privacy window tinting and to view the many options available, please click here.

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3M™ Scotchcal™ Window Installation

3M™ Scotchcal ElectroCut Series 7725SE window tinting creates a graphical experience that simulates acid etched and sand blasted glass effects. This is especially useful when privacy or enhanced imaging is needed.

These window tints may also be used to produce elegant graphics and signage. They are low-cost alternatives to many traditional acid etching or sand blasting graphics and signage. The production process is much simpler and faster to produce than traditional sand blasting or acid etching alternatives. The films can also be applied to thinner glass. Glare will be reduced due to the film’s matte finishing.

The Scotchcal ElectroCut Series 7725SE features two films:

Dusted Crystal (7725-314)
This window film has a soft frosted appearance, which simulates the look of acid etching.

Frosted Crystal (7725-324)
This window film has added sparkle to simulate sand blasted glass.

Four other Window film styles are also available that provide total block-out properties:

  • White Gloss (7725-10)
  • Black Gloss (7725-12)

These glossy cast vinyl window film can be cut to any desired design.

    • White Matte (3635-30B)
    • Black Matte (3635-22B)

These matte window films offer the same benefits as the glossy films above, only in a matte finish.

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Solyx® Decorative Film Installation

Firehouse is proud to offer Solyx Decorative Window Film installation in addition to our Fasara and Scotchcal lines. Solyx offers an astounding array of window tinting patterns, textures, and colors. Some stained glass patterns can be custom-sized to your window. Other patterns are available as cling window films — no adhesive and removable!

To view the many films Solyx has to offer, please Click Here

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